Cobblestone Condominium Association Winter Meeting
(Updated 1Jan05)

The Winter Cobblestone Condominium Association meeting will be on Saturday, January 8, 2005 in the basement of the church across the street (at 6th & Main) at 6PM.

Summer’s meeting minutes


What we've got so far:

·       Marge will bring a pie (probably Apple but maybe Pumpkin).

·       Dean will bring his beans.

·       The Church will do the drinks.

·       Sheryl and Rick Hobbs will bring a southwest casserole.

·       John Kane will bring fried chicken.

·       Dori will bring dessert.

·       Randy will bring a salad.

 Agenda Items

What we've got so far (not necessarily in order):

·       Association Finance Report

·       Decide to continue/not continue $30 reserve monthly payments with dues

·       Status on deteriorated rocks replacement

·       Range hood vent installation request

·       Election of Condominium Association Officers (need new VP as minimum)

·       Review Condominium Maintenance Cycle

·       Deck plans progress report

·       Summer workday schedule and task list

·       Carpet Cleaning


Please send additional items to:

Bill Hyde,, 970-668-5939

Maintenance Cycle

·       2004 – Seal driveway

·       2005 – Stain building

·       2006 – Paint blue trim

Summer Cleanup Items

·       Clean and seal the decks

·       Check function of heat tape in gutters

·       Cut bag worms and parasites out of trees

·       Weed flower beds and plant new items as necessary

·       Weed eat as needed

·       Scout property for noxious weeds (e.g. false chamomile, yellow toadflax, spotted knapweed, Russian knapweed, diffuse knapweed, leafy spurge, dalmatian toadflax, hoary cress, perennial pepperweed and Chinese clematis) and remove.

·       Mulch flower beds